Reduce workplace burnout or how to be confident that you get enough done


Why do people burn out in their jobs?

Stress. But what makes people stressed?

I don’t know any articles describing why we get stressed. I only find articles about how stressed we are. Up to 80% of the workforce in the US is stressed . 


Why are we stressed?

For me, one of the […]

Avoiding the slump

Sam Altman wrote a post about the Post-Y Combinator (YC) slump – a state where companies on a trajectory to multi-billion dollar valuation stop growing and end up going out of business.

The reason for the slump is not clear to Sam and the YC founders, but (I believe) some of the […]

How your own uncertainties can ruin your employees’ day

If you are a manager or founder of a smaller company, you probably know how you, from time to time (or most of the time), feel insecure about what your employees are doing when they are done with the task at hand, and if they are working on the project that you believe […]

How do managers practice Leadership in a sharing economy?

There is no doubt that the sharing economy is over us and affects us in everything from how to get jobs to how to lead people.

First, managers have to realize that they no longer are needed to manage people, now they have to lead them.

As a leader in the sharing economy, it is […]