Sleep Better, Increase Happiness And Stay In Flow.

TimeBlock is a framework that helps Makers get more time in flow
increasing productivity, revenue and work satisfaction.

Do you want those advantages too?

Learn more about our online course in the TimeBlock Method

The online course is designed for those who wants to learn and use the TimeBlock methodology themselves, if you are a team member or leader then we also do team training and private online courses in the TimeBlock methodology.

TimeBlock is a framework that helps Makers and Managers
improve productivity, gain more overview and less stress.


Maker’s benefits

  • Get rid of bothering managers and interruptions
  • Get the stillness needed to get in flow and get stuff done
  • Get overview of your week, no surprises, no urgent tasks

Manager’s benefits

  • No more sleepless nights caused by slipping deadlines and scope creep

  • No hidden surprises late in the project

  • Overview of projects, tasks and employees’ performance.

Customer’s benefits

  • More trust: They know where the project is heading
  • More Transparency: They know what is done on what day
  • Insight into scope creep and deadline creep early on

I love TimeBlock!

It makes so much more sense to me as a developer than estimating in hours, which is what we typically do. I feel like estimating in hours *can* work, but timeblocks are much more likely to work.

Overall, I think it is a very good approach.

- Jack Bowman, Fog Creek Software