Purpose, Autonomy, and Mastery

Daniel Pink writes in his book “Drive: The surprising truth about what really motivates us” that employees are motivated by three factors; Purpose, Autonomy, and Mastery. When you read his book it really make sense that these factors are important to achieve a happy work-life, but as with many books, he […]

How you get ideas is often by not trying

I found the TimeBlock idea when I stopped looking for something to build, when I stopped looking for ideas and when I let go of my desire to “make a dent in the universe”.

I have been a part of the MicroConf ( and “Startups for the rest of us” crowd for a […]

Respectful Time Management

There are so many articles on the internet on how to become more efficient, better and faster at whatever it is you do.

So many theories on optimization and planning, delegation and to do lists.

Whenever I read one of these articles or listen to someone talk about lean, scrum or agile when it comes […]

Getting Things Done

When you go home from work today, are you going to think ”What the did I get done today” or will you be thinking “Nice day, I got this and that done”?

I cannot remember when I first started to feel like I never got anything done, but I do know that […]

How Bill Gates taught us to do less to get more done

Most people will agree to the fact that nobody has more hours in the week than any other people do.

Even though this is a fact most people go home from work Friday thinking, “what the heck did I get done this week” or thinking something similar.

Most of these do get stuff done, […]