Start out by explaining what it is that you do?

We create content, manage and operate all digital channels and loyalty programmes for Købmandshuset’ different chains.


How did you manage task and resource allocation before implementing TimeBlock?

Everybody worked with long to-do lists without any aligned or transparent deadlines for delivery to other departments or completion on the tasks.


Why did you choose to implement TimeBlock?

On some level I guess I’ve always been looking for a method to get the necessary overview on tasks, deadlines and so on without having to tire my employees with complex and slow task- and time-registration systems.  The Timeblock method showed me that it could be done in a simple way that only required that I as a manager change the way I manage.


How long time did it take to implement TimeBlock in your organisation?

It took a couple of weeks to implement and several of weeks to get rid of all our bad habits.


What benefits do you, your employees and customers get out of the TimeBlock method?

Every week I get focused quality time with my employees where we recap on last week and plan, prioritize and discuss the tasks in the coming week. It gives me valuable insight to how each employee is performing as an individual and I get to asses if we are on track as a team.

My employees know exactly what are expected of them the coming week, what tasks they should prioritize. They have a more organized and structured week at work. They know what they have to do to be a success.

Lasse Gubbertsen, Købmandshuset