Start out by explaining what it is that you do?

We are bootstrapped software business building an saas app in the travel indrustry.

I am one of the two co-founders and my main role sales and marketing helping with project managing on the side.

How did you manage task and resource allocation before implementing TimeBlock?

It was quite time intensive, spending a lot of one on one during the week with developers.

We gave them outlines of task, but not in depth so we had to talk them through it before they started.

Later in a project the developers would then come back and talk more about the project.

Mostly it was an ad-hoc way of talking about what was most important when it was important.

Why did you choose to implement TimeBlock?

It was a case of us wanting a more formal methodology without having to invest in a formal and stiff project management, we wanted an agile method that made sense and made it possible to both think long term while responding to urgent needs.

We got introduced to TimeBlock and it just solved our needs for both a more formal methodology while staying agile.

How long time did it take to implement TimeBlock in your organization?


We had a two phase approach where two of us started using it on one project for a couple of months, this gave us a lot of value and we decided to implement it in the entire company.

After we decided to commit to implementing it we started using the methodology right away and started seeing result from the first week!

What benefits do you, your employees and customers get out of the TimeBlock method?

It has really helped the team ethos because of the immediate transparency of what is everybody is working on.

I feel that we are more organized now and I feel that my stress level has been reduced both by the transparency and that we are more organized. It has also made it easier to make decisions because the impact of a decisions is easier to see.

As a business we also discovered that one developer used 2 hours a day doing DBA stuff and this made it easy to take the decision on hiring a full time dba.

The developers are a lot more enthusiastic, the understand better what the business is trying to achieve and how their work directly affect that, they also talks more internally which has helped them all.

The improvement towards our customer is that they will get a much more planned long term development of the product.

— Edd McArdle,