About Anders Thue Pedersen

Founder of TimeBlock and The TimeBlock method. Anders Thue Pedersen is a pretty happy guy who has tried many things to get the employee/employer relationship to work. With the TimeBlock method he has finally found the balance that makes him, his employees and his customers happier.

Improving happiness

For the last few years I have been focused on becoming more happy.

This was in part because I had a rough childhood, and partly because I was, for many years, in a bad business relationship that ended up sucking most of my will to work out of me, while I gave […]

Handling failure like a human

I was recently asked to speak at the beginning of a major bank’s new moon-shot project.

It is a project that has the potential to transform the banking industry, and there were many high level executives present, all with high hopes for the program.

The team doing the actual work was given a […]

Understanding motivation – the invisible force of any business.

The science behind TimeBlock: Part 1

In his book “Drive, the surprising truth about what motivates us” Daniel Pink describes a most disturbing fact that most employers, business owners and board members should know, but do not.

The fact that he lays out is that, in 40 years of research from great institutions […]

How the loss of control kills people

Do you know the feeling of not being in control – when sitting, stuck in traffic or looking out the window of a train not moving?

It is annoying to the point where people commit road rage, or as in the 1993 blockbuster movie “Falling Down” Michael Douglas goes on a […]

What does the amygdala have to do with (maker) productivity?

The amygdala is a small almond sized gland that sits deep inside your brain, It is primarily responsible for taking control of your brain whenever a sudden and unexpected event happens.

The amygdala is a very early structure of the brain. Sometimes it is also referred to as the lizard brain and […]

Reduce workplace burnout or how to be confident that you get enough done


Why do people burn out in their jobs?

Stress. But what makes people stressed?

I don’t know any articles describing why we get stressed. I only find articles about how stressed we are. Up to 80% of the workforce in the US is stressed . 


Why are we stressed?

For me, one of the […]

Avoiding the slump

Sam Altman wrote a post about the Post-Y Combinator (YC) slump – a state where companies on a trajectory to multi-billion dollar valuation stop growing and end up going out of business.

The reason for the slump is not clear to Sam and the YC founders, but (I believe) some of the […]

How your own uncertainties can ruin your employees’ day

If you are a manager or founder of a smaller company, you probably know how you, from time to time (or most of the time), feel insecure about what your employees are doing when they are done with the task at hand, and if they are working on the project that you believe […]

How do managers practice Leadership in a sharing economy?

There is no doubt that the sharing economy is over us and affects us in everything from how to get jobs to how to lead people.

First, managers have to realize that they no longer are needed to manage people, now they have to lead them.

As a leader in the sharing economy, it is […]

Purpose, Autonomy, and Mastery

Daniel Pink writes in his book “Drive: The surprising truth about what really motivates us” that employees are motivated by three factors; Purpose, Autonomy, and Mastery. When you read his book it really make sense that these factors are important to achieve a happy work-life, but as with many books, he […]