There are so many articles on the internet on how to become more efficient, better and faster at whatever it is you do.

So many theories on optimization and planning, delegation and to do lists.

Whenever I read one of these articles or listen to someone talk about lean, scrum or agile when it comes to development I get a sad feeling inside.

It is a feeling that I feel because I know that these ideas and suggestions often will be translated into actions where the end user will feel more pressure.

Just the names, agile or lean – the signal that the user is not agile enough or not lean enough. Whenever there is up, there must be down – when you invent good you also invent bad.

Time Management should not be about putting more pressure on people, it should not be about people being good or bad, fast or slow.

It must be about respect and compassion for the Makers and Managers if it is to be sustainable and something with a lasting and long term effect.

Time Management must have respect for the needs of the users; For the Makers need for time to be in flow, to get things done and to succeed every day.

It must also have respect for the Manager, for their need for overview, transparency and access to important information, and lastly it should be respectful for the customers need for inclusion into the project so we can show respect for the people who are paying us.

This respect can only be nurtured and built through compassion for people and their needs, not through rules, surveillance, boundaries and dictatorship.

If you look at either yourself or a maker close to you, I hop you can see the passion you or they have for the work they are doing.

If you are a maker do you respect this passion or not?

If you are a Manager who show your Makers compassion and let them be passionate about making, you might discover that they will start to respect you and your needs, showing you compassion and respect.

From this compassion and respect, a deep and long lasting working environment can unfold where people dare to fail, dare to suggest bold new things and where they dare to be themselves.