You make a living by selling hours, and would like you and your employees to be more efficient and get more done without working more hours.

The TimeBlock course is the solution for you!

The effect of the TimeBlock method is not something you can hope to achieve overnight, the time invested is minimal but you will have to commit to use six hours over the next six weeks where we will lead you step by step through our process.

During this period we will give you all the techniques and tools that are necessary in order to be more efficient, motivated and structured in your working life.

Anders Thue Pedersen - TimeBlock underviser

The TimeBlock course is a personal 1-to-1 over skype with Anders Thue Pedersen that costs $995.00


Anders Thue Pedersen invented TimeBlock as a tool in his IT Consultancy when he felt that they needed more focus, planning, transparency and learning from their mistakes.

The TimeBlock methodology increased their revenue with 33% and their profit with 400% from the month after they implemented the changes.

This is how it works

You will be a part of an online group that consists of 10 people, and the course includes both education as well as a private group where you can support each other and discuss the theory and tools.

The course consists of online videos that typically last 10-20 minutes a new video is released every Monday morning during the 6 week course. The videos contain theory, but also practical tasks that you have to resolve either while you are watching the video or in the week after.

Every Monday you will meet with your private group and evaluate the previous week, and also discuss the upcoming week’s projects.

When the 6 weeks have passed, I will have a 1-to-1 conversation with you either on the phone or Skype. We will review your implementation of the TimeBlock method and discuss how we can ensure that you maximize your productivity and utilize your potential.

Who is the course relevant for?


  • You could be a developer, marketing manager, writer, designer or something else
  • Concentration is an important part of your job, and you need more structure and a more tranquility in your work life
  • You could be a freelancer, employee or manager of a small business or a large organization
  • The tasks in your work life usually take half a day to solve, and sometimes several weeks
  • You do not solve as many tasks as you think is possible, no matter how much and how hard you work
  • You want to achieve better results, without working more hours.

This is what Lars Skjoldby got out of TimeBlock

TimeBlock gives me a better idea of which tasks my employees are working on, and when they have planned to perform the tasks. I also know how many resources that are available 3-4 weeks prior.

When they meet in the morning they always know exactly which tasks they need to work on. They tell me that their working day is less disorganized, and that they feel they are working much more effectively and ‘smarter’ than before – and they do!

TimeBlock also gives us the opportunity to inform our customers about when we plan to work on their projects, and it makes them feel more secure and informed.

— Lars Skjoldby, CEO

Module 1:

Urgent tasks and interruptions


We look at how you solve tasks in your work life, and how to prioritize urgent tasks, and also how to manage interruptions.

We look at techniques and tools that are useful in order to keep focus during a long day.

Module 2:


I will introduce you to the latest brain research on flow and explain how the brain actually works best and longest.

We look at how you can organize your day and use your brain to the maximum.

Module 3:

Prioritizing and planning

We continue where last week ended with more brain research and a deeper understanding of why it is so important to keep the flow.

We will work with context switching and the brain’s reward mechanisms, such as dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin

Module 4:


We will clarify how you avoid to set traps you yourself, and how you can ensure not to repeat the same mistakes that you have committed before.

We work with transparency in relation to ourselves, and our fellow course participants and thereby we help ourselves to learn from our mistakes.

Module 5:


This week we will work on how to communicate better with the outside worlds, and especially our customers and boss, but also colleagues.

We work with transparency as a tool to build trust between people.

Module 6:

Future strategy

We summarize what we have gone through over the last 6 weeks, and create a plan that you can use in order to continue the structured work and the planning process.

The week after this module I will organize a one-to-one session with all of the course participants via the phone, Skype or Google hangout.

1-on-1 session

Phone, Skype or Google session

After the last online session, I will arrange a personal one-to-one session where we finish the course, and you will get the opportunity to ask me all the questions you did not get answered in the course or in the online group.

We also give each other honest feedback on the course, and discuss how you can increase your productivity.

You will get

  • 6 online lessons/video courses that you can see again and again, also after the course is completed
  • 1 online group where you can ask me and the other participants questions
  • 1 x 1-to-1 session where you get individual sparring
  • Access to a closed Facebook group where you, and the other course participants can exchange experiences and information.

This is what Maj Wissman got out of TimeBlock

I am always on the lockout for new methods and tools I can use in order to streamline my effort. I have in a long time worked with time frames and felt the effect they can have.

TimeBlock is not an ordinary time frame system, it has more focus on scheduling, and the time blocks are longer than the time blocks I used. The technique has been extremely efficient for my business, and I am more productive and effective than before and I, believe it or not, already had a reputation for being extremely productive.

After I started using TimeBlock I have much more spare time, and I have become even more productive.


— Maj Wismann –


This is how you grow your revenue

When you start using the TimeBlock method it will change the way you estimate and prioritize your time, for many this will grow the revenue with up to 40%, and you do not have to work more hours.

In my business the revenue increased 33% after we invented and implemented the TimeBlock method, and our profits increased by 400%.

Edd McArdle

edd-mcardle-timeblock-referenceTimeBlock has really helped the team ethos because of the immediate transparency of what is everybody is working on.

I feel that we are more organized now and I feel that my stress level has been reduced both by the transparency and that we are more organized. It has also made it easier to make decisions because the impact of a decisions is easier to see.

As a business we also discovered that one developer used 2 hours a day doing DBA stuff and this made it easy to take the decision on hiring a full time dba.

The developers are a lot more enthusiastic, the understand better what the business is trying to achieve and how their work directly affect that, they also talks more internally which has helped them all.

The improvement towards our customer is that they will get a much more planned long term development of the product.

— Edd McArdle,

Edd McArdle talks about TimeBlock
Lasse Gubbertsen


Every week I get focused quality time with my employees where we recap on last week and plan, prioritize and discuss the tasks in the coming week. It gives me valuable insight to how each employee is performing as an individual and I get to asses if we are on track as a team.

My employees know exactly what are expected of them the coming week, what tasks they should prioritize. They have a more organized and structured week at work. They know what they have to do to be a success.

Lasse Gubbertsen, Købmandshuset

Martin Bengaard


My employees got a more calm and easy work week – it is now possible to get through all the tasks they plan to do.

Our customers gets a better service and a lot of them have even wanted to use the TimeBlock method themselve.

I have got a more quiet week – because all my employees know what to do, and we use the first block of the week to plan the rest of the week. That means that all the questions from my employees are answered on our weekly meeting. Before TimeBlock I was interrupted during the day because we actually didn’t knew what we were going to work on within the week.

I sounds very simple and logical – but planning did the work for us!

Martin Bengaard, CEO SENSE Marketing

Nete Poulsen

ordrestyring_person-timeblock-referenceEarlier WE were missing deadlines and the costumers was the losers.

What we learned is that our customer requested an answer on two questions; the first is if their request is possible and the second is when that function will been implement.

The exact date is not the important part, what is important is a regular update of where in the process the development is.

Likewise, is it necessary for the customer service team to know where in the process or stage the developing teams are when the inform our customers – they need to be able to do that with trustworthy promises and deadlines.

The cringe a customer can make a supporter feel is when they do not know what to tell them or have to apologies for the same feature being delayed again and again.

The benefit of using TimeBlock is that both teams are more transparent and the communication flows better as we have same terms to talk from and an overview of our processes.

We can always go back and look at TimeBlock. It is turning everything around so the customers becomes the winners and it reflects back on us.

Not at least the TimeBlock method has changed my way of being present. I know that if something get postpone I will be notified. I do not need to have a half eye on the developing team and my focus is now on what it should be on – the customer service team and the customers.

— Nete Poulsen,