The method and tool is built around this manifesto that we, as a company, are using as our way of working smarter.

We plan ahead

Every Monday morning we plan our workweek together. We inform customers about our plans so they can comment and suggest changes. When a task will take longer than one day, we divide it into smaller tasks that take no longer than one day.

We are transparent

With each other, our customers and our surroundings. We inform openly about where we are, where we are heading, and what hills and valleys we encounter along the way. We are honest when there is something we do not know and ask for help when we need it.

We stick to our weekly plan

Once our weekly plan is shared, we do not change it without proper cause. Suddenly arising tasks can wait until the next week, unless a customer will lose business if we don’t get them running again. When our plan is changed, we inform each other and our customers. We never change a deadline at the last minute.

We learn from our mistakes and failures

When we have estimated incorrectly, we talk openly about what we did wrong or what we couldn’t do. We talk openly about other challenges we face, and we help each other so nobody is forced to tackle tasks they cannot handle. Before we accept a new task, we look back on our previous experience and track record of successes and mistakes, and consider if it is realistic for us to take on the task.

Anders Thue Pedersen – Founder of Timeblock