I found the TimeBlock idea when I stopped looking for something to build, when I stopped looking for ideas and when I let go of my desire to “make a dent in the universe”.

I have been a part of the MicroConf (www.microconf.com) and “Startups for the rest of us” crowd for a few years and because of that, I had 5x the revenue I get from my TSR Watermarker.

That increase did not make me satisfied, I still wanted to be part of the SaaS crowd, creating and making money on a monthly recurring basis, I had explored a few ideas, one was an electronic loyalty card, but nothing that made it even remotely possible for me to reach SaaS nirvana.

Last December I decided that if I ever was to actually build a product I had to stop searching for an idea and start building one of those I already had in my mind but that I thought was not “good enough”™

December 1’st we started building SpaceTimeHQ – a time tracking app that was (and still is) supposed to make it fun to track time.

While we started to build, I started to talk to a few potential customers about it, without getting any hot replies or interest in being a customer – mostly I got “sounds nice” or “could be interesting”

The fact that I had stopped looking for a project to work on and started to work on an actual product, combined with the fact that I started reading the “Letting go book” by Zenhabits made me open for new ideas and I started reading and trying out stuff I had not tried before.

Through December I noticed that there was one thing missing from my consultancy business, and January 5’th I introduced the Manifesto to my employees plus some minor changes in how we worked.

That actually was the day TimeBlock was born – but it took until February 6’th before I made any real notice of the method, of the fact that the way we do business is something special and it was February 6’th I finally realized that I had stumbled upon something that was much more “me”, much more interesting, much more worth my time and had much more potential.

So to be honest it feels mostly like the method found me and I am more of a delivery messenger than the person who invented it.