There is no doubt that the sharing economy is over us and affects us in everything from how to get jobs to how to lead people.

First, managers have to realize that they no longer are needed to manage people, now they have to lead them.

As a leader in the sharing economy, it is important to empower your employees to make decisions and take action without you being in the loop all the time. This requires your employees to know what decisions to take and what actions to take.

How do you make sure that your employees make the right decision and take the right action when it is needed?

Become a teacher

The sharing economy is as new to me as it is to you and everybody else, but some leaders have been better at leading new companies to great success. The way they have done it is very simple and pretty hard to copy, since it requires the leaders to change how they work and how they manage their employees.

To be a leader in the sharing economy you must first of all take it upon yourself to learn about being a leader. Being a leader differs greatly from being a manager since a leader doesn’t force people to do things his way, but rather inspires and teaches people to see the end goal. Most importantly, you have to teach them how to make decisions and take action based on that end goal.

This means that you have to explain all the steps that are needed to reach the goal, and teach how to navigate and make the right decisions.

This also means that you will have to teach your employees the new ways every week. Since the world changes all the time, so does the path to the end goal, and since the path keeps changing, so do the information and teachings you have to teach your employees.

Every week

It is called the sharing economy for many reasons; we share our houses, our cars, and our time between different businesses by being freelancers. Another thing that is shared is knowledge. People who have success share everything about their path, their struggles, and how they got to where they are. A great example is Groove, who blogged about their way to $100.000 in monthly recurring revenue.

For leaders in this economy, it is important to share too. They have to share everything about where they are going, why they are making the decisions they are making, and how they see the future of the team they are leading.

The team members need this sharing to feel included, and as Daniel Pink writes in his book Drive: The surprising truth about what really motivates us, “Purpose is a really important if you want highperformers to stay on your team”.

So, once every week, a leader should have a meeting with the entire team, clearly communicating the goals, the visions, and the purpose of the jobs that need to be done. The leader’s job then, is to communicate this so clearly that the individual team members can make the right decisions during the week without consulting with the team leader.

If a leader empowers the makers through sharing to make decisions, and clearly communicates the purpose to the team, all he needs to do next week is to follow-up on the decisions made and give feedback on those that were less actual aligned with the purpose of the company/team.

By having this continual feedback loop, the makers keep learning how to make better decisions. They will even be less stressed or anxious about the decisions they have to make over time because they will learn that it can always be changed the next week when they are talking to the entire team.