When you go home from work today, are you going to think ”What the [bleep] did I get done today” or will you be thinking “Nice day, I got this and that done”?

I cannot remember when I first started to feel like I never got anything done, but I do know that for way too many years I have had that sneaking feeling of never quite getting enough done during the week.

This led me to always taking work home with me, feeling like I was behind and not being away from work when I was not a work.

Are you feeling like you never quite can get the ends to meet, dragging bags full of work home every day, working weekends and nights and STILL not feeling like you get everything done?

Actually it’s a good thing, and yes I need to explain that, because how can stress and too much work be a good thing? It is a good thing because the opposite would be that there were not enough work for you to do, and usually not enough work means either no salary or no job!

For my business, being busy and not getting all the tasks done means that we have a lot to do and enough so that everybody will get paid at the end of the month.

Therefore, the amount of work is not the problem, and if you get the most important done every day it is not a problem that you do not get everything done.

The real problem is two-fold: First, you have to understand that you will never get everything done, there will always be a mail more to write, a blog post more to read a paper more to file. So let go of the unrealistic notion that you will get everything done.
Secondly, you need to write down the two moTimeblock_Calendar-1200x480st important things you need to get done every day, so print out the TimeBlock Calendar  and Monday morning write down one important task you will do every morning TimeBlock and every afternoon TimeBlock.

Then as the week go by, mark each TimeBlock with a big green marker if you get the task done.

When you get to Friday you hopefully has 10 green marks on your weekly plan, and you can go on weekend knowing that you got the 10 most important tasks done this week.