Start out by explaining what it is that you do?

I run a consulting company where we handle marketing services on monthly basis for our clients. That means that we need to secure that all customers get what they pay for – but also try to make our business so effective that we will become a productized service, where we can grow without always hiring new consultants.

How did you manage task and resource allocation before implementing TimeBlock?

I have tested several task management system – actually I used a whole weekend testing task management and project management systems.

Just before TimeBlock it was a combination of Excel, Podio, Google Calendars and a Whiteboard. And still we missed deadlines and tasks.

Why did you choose to implement TimeBlock?

I was introduced to TimeBlock and my first thought was: Is it really that simple?

But after my introduction to TimeBlock i was excited to get started and we began the implementation shortly after the meeting.

I could see that this method was all I wanted: easy task management, a complete picture of all our projects and easy to understand for my employees.

Did you experience any problems implementing TimeBlock?

Yes! I had an employee who was so frustrated that he was about to quit his job!

That was because he tried to squeeze a 40 hours work week into a 40 hours work week – which is impossible because you need to make sure that it is possible to get through all your tasks even though you get interrupted during the week.

But that was a really great scenario and we managed to talk about it – and the next week there was no problems.

All employees had to get use to use the method but it only took 2-3 weeks – and our customers found the method fantastic! Because now they actually knew what we were going to do the next week.

So what benefits do you, your employees and customers get out of the TimeBlock method?

My employees got a more calm and easy work week – it is now possible to get through all the tasks they plan to do.

Our customers gets a better service and a lot of them have even wanted to use the TimeBlock method themselve.

I have got a more quiet week – because all my employees know what to do, and we use the first block of the week to plan the rest of the week. That means that all the questions from my employees are answered on our weekly meeting. Before TimeBlock I was interrupted during the day because we actually didn’t knew what we were going to work on within the week.

I sounds very simple and logical – but planning did the work for us!

Martin Bengaard, CEO SENSE Marketing